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Title: VILLAGE HUB Price: £690 Framed size: 17x21" 43x55cm

Available directly from me. Framed and available immediately by Click and Collect. Payment by card over the phone, Paypal or bank transfer.

Call O121 (Birmingham) 742 3816 to arrange collection of your artwork from Lode Lane, Solihull.

The picturesque English village bus stop, a bench for the sunshine and a shelter for the rain and wind, with the notice board for the village displayed conveniently. The phone box and post box are prominently placed on the same corner. Such a hot sunny day, and a lovely bicycle ride. I love the contrast of the bright red, it really makes it easier to spot when you are looking for a post box.

Sennelier oil pastels on 190gsm A3 paper.

This picture is framed and ready to hang, with hooks and cord in place.

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Close-up of the post box and notice board

Showing Village hub in its white wooden frame, and ready to go

Showing back of frame of this type

Showing wooden frame of this type from the side

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