THAT'S ME! An Email Odyssey to Find a Soulmate

Catherine Holland with Gary Cunnington


"Are you the gorgeous man I saw at Stanage and didn't have the nerve to speak to?

One weekend late May/early June. Short dark hair, with a fab fringe. We stared for ages, you were at the first bouldering problem alone, in shorts. I walked down from climbing with support as I had an injured leg, then sat and ate my dinner alone, after taking off clothes I had on to protect while climbing. I am tall, slim & tanned with long hair tied up to climb, wearing red top and short red shorts in the sun. Couldn't keep my eyes off you but rooted to the spot! You finally left after putting on leathers and carrying your mat down to your bike at the bottom of the hill, pausing on the way and looking back. Where are you? Please get in touch."

This is the ad I placed on a climbing website. Following the replies that were posted on the website, an email odyssey to find my soulmate began …



Gary and Catherine nearly met on a rock in 2001 when they both went climbing at Stanage Edge in the peak District. What Catherine didn’t realise was that Gary had been watching her and was sitting on the rock waiting for her to come around the corner after her descent. When she saw him she didn’t know he was also interested. So when she heard a voice in her head saying “That’s the man you’ve been searching for” she didn’t know what to do. She advertised to find him on a climbing website and he answered. They emailed for 4 months before they finally met for a weekend’s climbing at The Roaches. They had a no physical contact agreement because past experience led them to believe that this complicates otherwise budding friendships. The relationship did develop because they found a mutual attraction.

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Gary says:

"Maybe what is needed is a personal route guide as in climbing guidebook style. When you meet somebody you can look them up and find their complexity, so you can decide if this matches your aspirations and ambitions. One day I hope I can write Catherine’s … I think possibly an E5, an attractive challenging climb, a very long multi-belay route, very difficult start and very slick footholds, but once past the first two moves her soul comes more into view, and she is more grippy almost like she is assisting the climb … that’s where I am now … my problem may be compounded by the fact that I slipped off a few E4s early on, and have settled for climbing HVS recently.

Now I just know that you are going to analyse those analogies."


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THAT'S ME! An email odyssey to find a soulmate

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