… The general feeling of gloom has been replaced with a general feeling of good … I have been able to make my peace with my Dad and, more importantly, myself … read more

Diane, Tamworth


I contacted Catherine for Breathwork with the simple intention of improving my breathing techniques and benefitting my general health. After only a couple of sessions, I am beginning to appreciate the depth of this work that it is so much more than just efficient breathing techniques. The Breathwork facilitates self-awareness and deep healing in a safe and warm environment and the value of having Catherine as 'midwife' to this process is inestimable. Thank you Catherine. 

Caroline, Solihull

I am now 6 or 7 sessions into BreathWork with Catherine and have recently reached a new stage in this journey. See more from Caroline…

Caroline, Solihull


This is the release that you’ve given me, it’s just amazing.

Naomi, Bicester


I came because I wanted to experience rebirthing, to make sure this is what I want to do in relation toward what I want to do for myself, to make sure it was effective. It has supported me on my journey, allowed me to address different issues, taught me a different tool that I can use whenever I feel that there is something that is coming up and I want to release it. I did quite a lot of self practice, I have a lot of tools that I use, I thought about this and I realised that this is the most helpful, where I have a day a month where I have someone else to look at things. It is not necessary that that person will say something, someone else that will be a sounding board. It is most similar to shamanic healing without the wacky element, more mainstream, since I believe in the power of breath, I was hoping it would be as effective a shamanic healing, because it addresses the root of the problem rather than the symptoms.

What is it like working with Catherine?

The fact that it’s ok if I want to talk to you, or not, that’s fine

My rebirthing isn’t constrained in any way

Allows me to get on with things by myself

In some ways it’s as though there is no one there and yet there is

The flow of practice can go without interruptions, equally I know that if during the session, if I had questions I could ask, you would help me and tell me what to do.

Domenika, Leicester.


Catherine has been coaching me for 6 years and during that time my quality of thinking and life has improved dramatically. 

In terms of visible external results I have landed an incredible job, benefitted financially, moved internationally and created the perfect relationship for me. 

In terms of internal healing the results feel far more profound than anything that could ever be measured externally. Catherine has helped me to change my thinking away from destructive patterns and towards productive forms so my life is enhanced every day. The results are astonishing. I truly believe I can achieve anything now. 

Catherine not only provides life coaching but her breath work has helped me to go deeper into my subconscious to acknowledge and heal deeper issues. 

I would thoroughly recommend Catherine to anyone that is ready for their life to take on greater meaning. 

Alice, London.





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