Catherine Holland is a lively, well-informed speaker, in her element in front of an audience. Her fiery personality enjoys a chance to shine, drawing her audience skilfully into her story, and leaving an impression for later revisitng of her topic. She offers the chance to reveal new possiblities, in healing, self knowledge and development in the areas of your choice.

She founded and ran the Oxford Pain Clinic from 2002–2015, offering pain relief and returning mobility with her skilful hands. She has offered one-to-one breathwork with individuals and groups for 23 years. She has written a number of books.

Topic suggestions:

I Looked Death in the Face: the temptation to let go of life when pain is all there is.

The Long Road to Recovery: how I regained fitness after being crushed by a drunk driver.

The Unreasonable Practitioner: my practice and philosophy working against the grain to gain pain-free lives.

Exposing Oxygen: an examination of the power and extent of the role of oxygen in healing the body. Topic at the Tree of Life Festival in April, Oxford & Cheltenham Mind Body Spirit festivals in June and October.

The power of colour – from her book As Colourful as I am: the power of colour, expression and self acceptance. Learn how allowing others to influence us in apparently small ways, can actually blight our ability to shine as ourselves. Catherine has gone onto explore a new phase in her life as an artist following these revelations.


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