Each 2-hour online session costs £130, $179, €152. It is possible to work in person in Solihull.

Often 7 sessions are needed to be comfortable rebirthing yourself alone, but it seems to be getting fewer all the time. It is up to you to decide, when you feel ready to practise alone.


Contact me to arrange your 60-minute, complimentary interview, where we will gain clarity on what your goals are, and whether you'd like to work with me.


What is Rebirthing Breathwork?

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This course will completely transform your life.

Apart from all the physical benefits that more oxygen intake and distribution will do for you … gaining your ideal weight, balancing body systems, reducing chronic problems, avoiding the need for infections …

You will feel emotions deeply without being afraid, you will laugh more easily and cry more freely without fear that others will judge you.

You will feel more alive, express yourself more clearly, ask for what you need better and more quickly, becoming aware of what it is that you need sooner too.

You will release constrictions, reversing your early training and learning how to express instead of internalising feelings by constricting muscles, so that you don’t express them. Exuberant children learn this a lot! leading to feelings of I am too much, and consequent playing down of our joy and hiding our light from the world. But we all learn it to one degree or another. We are taught that we are not OK. A lot of this is covered in Rebirthing Breathwork: Creating an independent adult, my book about rebirthing breathwork, that includes the effect of how we raise our children.

My near-death experience has given me a useful perspective on the afterlife. There's nothing like trying something out! and I bring a sense of safety to my work that my clients find invlauable.

My style is fluid and flexible. I will guide you to connect your breath and then I allow you to find your rhythm, remaining available to you while you explore your subconscious, which is where everything you are seeking resides.

You can download a FREE copy of Indestructible Health here.

If you'd like to overhaul your physical and emotional health together, sign up for my Indestructible Soul programme which covers breathwork, raw food, physical, psycholcgical and emotional areas to being indestructibe!

Arrange a complimentary call to explore working with me if:

You are seeking your full potential in mind, body and spirit

You know there is more to life and a connection between everything

You know that you can make a better job of running your life than those around you

You are fascinated by birth, death and everything in between.

If you do, you will enjoy a conversation where you and I can discuss how you can thrive energetically, and make the connections in your world that you would love to explore, be they connections between your conscious and unconscious, or closer connections between your spirit and others, on all dimensional levels.

We will focus on what your personal goals are for this year.

You will leave the call feeling that what you seek is possible.

I deliberately take on very few clients, so you will get my personal attention.

Fill in the form here, letting me have your Skype details if possible, as I prefer to use this connection,

and let me know what you wish to focus on first.

I look forward to working with you in joyful exploration.



This was like clearing centuries, I feel a stone lighter, something big has been released.

Domenika, Leicester.

… The general feeling of gloom has been replaced with a general feeling of good … I have been able to make my peace with my Dad and, more importantly, myself … read more

Diane, Tamworth


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