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I qualified with the Holistic Rebirthing Institute in 1991, so I have been practising rebirthing breathwork now for 25 years. Following a major car accident I trained with the Northern Institute in 2002 and became expert at treating old physical injuries, sometimes decades old. I am an author of many titles, including Rebirthing Breathwork: Creating an independent adult, The Reality of Breastfeeding, Confidently Refuse Vaccinations, Easy Raw Main Meals, 10 Keys to Unlocking Knee Pain, and many more on Kindle and on my site in PDF, that you can use to help yourself. I have freed many people from physical and emotional pain, many of their testimonials are included on my website. I also have an in-depth understanding after experiencing traumatic injury for myself, when my leg was crushed by a drunk driver and I almost died. I decided to train to treat injuries after I recovered from this accident, as there was no help available for the aftermath and long-term recovery from this compound injury. I stopped doing this work at the end of 2014 to focus on breathwork and creating the Indestructible Soul programmes.

I love working with people who are determined to be joyful and free, and prepared to work hard to make that happen. It is a joy to work with you and see you develop your passions and life!


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By the way …

Thank yousurvived a car crash and healed myself so I could walk, climb, again.

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Book a 60 minute complimentary Direction call with me if:

You are seeking to go up another level,to explore the boundaries between the physical and the spiritual

You are reaching for the stars, whose energy you feel and share in your aims and dreams

You know that you owe it to your clients, followers, children, team, to lead by example in integrity

You are fascinated by birth, death and everything in between.

If you do, you will enjoy a conversation where you and I can discuss how you can thrive energetically, and make the connections in your world that you would love to explore, be they connections between your conscious and unconscious, or closer connections between your spirit and others, on all dimensional levels.

We will focus on what your personal goals are for this lifetime.

You will leave the call feeling that what you seek is possible.

I take on very few clients, so you will get my personal attention.

Fill in the form above, letting me have your Skype name, as I prefer to use this connection,

and let me know what you wish to focus on first.

I look forward to working with you in joyful exploration.