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No words needed

The reason that I find art so freeing, is because it needs no words. I can express my point of view (literally), the way I choose to look, my outlook, the direction of my gaze, and I can share it with others.

Those of you who know me, know that I have some strong, and what used to be unconventional views, in my areas of interest: birth and breastfeeding, highly nourishing food, sustainable living, bikes, maintaining health, Nature's intelligence, but all of this drops away when you just appreciate the beauty of a vision translated onto a surface that others can enjoy. Serenity, tranquility, peace and colour are things we can meditate on and feel appreciation.


Don't rock the boat!

The advice I was given as a trainee Remedial Injury specialist was to avoid contentious subjects while talking to patients. It is funny to hear the same advice being given, as I train in selling my artwork, to avoid putting off art buyers. Avoid politics, religion and sport. And yet, as I treated my patients on my bench for all those years, some of the best conversations we had were about how finances are managed and mismanaged, spirituality, and the research that my Oxford professors were doing into the importance of microbes in the human body. Some of them said they looked forward to the chats, as well as the treatment that made them fit again. I used those times for learning from my captive audience, and I learned a lot.

And so to bring us back to art. I suggest that followers of a particular artist may like to know the other facets of the person who creates the work they admire. Am I right?

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