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My name is Catherine Holland, I am a life-long artist, who got waylaid on the way by becoming an author, old injury specialist and rebirther, and I owe my life to a wonderful breathing technique called conscious connected breathing, also known as rebirthing. I found out the hard way how valuable it is to be mentally and physically tough (My leg got crushed by a car – read my story). I survived this near-death experience and hideous injury due, I believe, to this remarkable breathing practice and my lifestyle. I have written about this experience in Indestructible Soul: How I decided not to die, available in print and Kindle, see below. I have written titles about each of the turns in my life. You can download my free title Indestructible Health (see Free Stuff tab above) which describes all the ways I made myself indestructible, including eating high raw, and about the training and treatment of old injuries that followed, resulting in titles telling you how to treat your own pain. There are Kindles titles about these and my experience raising my babies, as well as about how colour and art affect us. There is a section here on the site offering free breastfeeding info. See the Amazon full list:

Amazon & Kindle titles, by Catherine Holland.

Author of 5 books in print and 15 Kindle publications

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