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Title: MID-HARVEST Price: NOT CURRENTLY FOR SALE Framed size: 21x17" 55x43cm

This piece is currently not for sale

A beautiful harvest scene from Upper Schwabia in Germany, on my cycling route to shopping in the town, while I lived there. I love the red-roofed farmhouses and barns with many solar panels on, and the miles of farm tracks that are traffic free. The foothills of the Alps have a wonderful atmosphere, and the looming mountain peaks are never far away. As the day wears on, the sky changes to a wonderful golden hue warming the landscape colours so beautifully in this scene.

Sennelier oil pastels on 190gsm A3 paper.

This picture is framed and ready to hang, with hooks and cord in place.

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Shown framed

Showing back of frame of this type

Showing wooden frame of this type from the side

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