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20 breaths exercise

Guided breathing meditation

Indestructible TV



Deathchicks Afterlife series interview April 2016

Radio Brumradio January 2016 and March 2016

On breathwork, birth and death with Alexia Leachman on the Head Trash Show podcast.

On birth & breath with Alexia Leachman Fear free Childbirth series

On rebirthing breathwork with Dr Eva Detko Holistic Path to Health series



Female First December 2015

Sunday Mercury article January 2015

As Catherine Holland lay on the side of the road bleeding to death, she thought of her children and decided she was determined to survive.

She’d been hit by a drunk-driver whilst riding home to Solihull on her 125cc motorbike, causing her to fly up into the air and smashing her left leg to pieces.

Having lost half of her blood, medics were amazed that Catherine lived.

But they were stunned when she returned to her active life of climbing, dancing, cycling and motorbiking. Read more


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