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Title: LITTLE EGRET FISHING Price: £595 Framed size: 29x22" 72x55cm

Available directly from me. Framed and available immediately by Click and Collect. Payment by card over the phone, Paypal or bank transfer.

Call O121 (Birmingham) 742 3816 to arrange collection of your artwork from Lode Lane, Solihull.

Standing on the bridge with my bicycle, I can see the Little Egret motionless in the water, waiting for its fish dinner to turn up. The river is flowing more slowly today as the floodwater has abated. Sometimes, after heavy prolonged rain, it flows right across the valley, sometimes just up to the banks further out. You can see stranded tree trunks that have floated down on the flood water sometime. Willows grow along the banks of the river, marking its meandering path. There are many reeds and sedges growing in the wet ground. It is very green. Birds fly past, geese and cows graze across the meadows. An early swallow makes an appearance. This is England on a beautiful day.

Sennelier oil pastels on 200gsm A2 paper.

This picture is framed and ready to hang, with hooks and cord in place. For details about purchase and payment methods see the Originals page.

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Close-up, with the Egret standing in the water centre left

Showing Little Egret fishing framed and wrapped ready to go

Showing back of frame of this type

Showing wooden frame of this type from the side

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