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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to die for a little while and then come back again?

Have you thought what it might be like to have a hideous injury, a real one not an actor made up with pretend red blood?

What’s it like when a car drives into you? How long do you live before all your blood leaks out and you perish? How much pain is it possible to feel?

Do you have a choice about whether you live or die at this point?

I wished I’d never wondered what it was like to walk with crutches! The novelty wore off quite quickly. After 6 months it was frustrating enough to make me leave them by the front door as I left, and walk out of the front door quite prepared to fall over …


This book, Indestructible Soul, is an autobiographical account of what I have recalled about an accident where a drunk driver drove his car into my leg as I was riding past a junction. I haven’t remembered everything of course. It is about what shaped my experience, what factors led firstly to my survival and then to my extraordinary recovery.


I never doubted that I would get better, nor that I would get back on a bike and take my test. I assumed that my body would repair, and I knew that I would give it the best nutrition and lifestyle to do so.

What I didn’t realise was how all this depended on how well I was at the time of the accident, and that my lifestyle saved my life, particularly the breathing technique that I use: Rebirthing Breathwork. I only began to understand this after I had started writing the account.


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