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Title: FOOD! FOLLOWING THE HARROW Price: £595 Framed size: 29x22" 72x55cm

Available directly from me. Framed and available immediately by Click and Collect. Payment by card over the phone, Paypal or bank transfer.

Call O121 (Birmingham) 742 3816 to arrange collection of your artwork from Lode Lane, Solihull.

An uplifting sight, the sun in a big blue sky over the ploughed and harrowed field. As I was peeping over the hedge to admire the view I realised that the tractor was working, and that there was a great flock of birds following, a sure sign that the soil is alive with rich pickings, all credit to this farmer for looking after the soil so that it is still naturally fertile, not sterile as many now are from too much intensive farming. I love the way this copse stands in the middle of the field and the farmer drives around it. It creates lovely curves and lines in the land, and combined with a huge blue heaven above, an excellent picture for my style. (This is the same field as depicted in Uplifted, a few weeks earlier.)

Sennelier oil pastels on 200gsm A2 paper.

This picture is framed and ready to hang, with hooks and cord in place.

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Close-up of the tractor with following gulls

Showing Food! following the harrow framed and wrapped ready to go

Showing back of frame of this type

Showing wooden frame of this type from the side

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