We teach the baby to breathe

Breath Workshop for Fertility and Birth Professionals online

Healing for your own birth experience


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£30 per person

This is an introductory breath workshop: a practical experiential session, led by Catherine Holland, master rebirther.


You will need to lie down for the breathwork session, and cover yourself to stay warm, whatever you need to make yourself comfortable for an hour. At the same time you need access to your computer, with the camera showing your breathing, so I can see you.

Individual sessions are also available.

Anyone who is present when a baby as is born ‘teach’ the baby to breathe. Vibrationally and energetically we determine the environment for the baby. If those connected to this are relaxed, they set the tone of trust for the labouring woman, her partner and subsequently the baby.

This is a introduction day to touch on your own experience of this, a chance to explore. It will give you a glimpse of the status of your own feelings around birth. This can be the beginning of the journey, and from here you can decide whether you would like to explore further.

By exploring the personal experience you have with your breathing, any associated emotions and expectations, you can heal and liberate yourself and those around you.

It’s a simple process, with profound results. Conscious Connected Breathing got its name Rebirthing from the consistently high number of those who remember their birth as part of their breathwork training. This may take many sessions and it is unusual for this to happen in the first experience.


I did this workshop earlier this year and I practice this now in every birth room I attend and every baby I hold. Beautiful offering Catherine and one every birth professional needs to experience. You don't want to miss this amazing opportunity to remember how to breathe.

Jane, near Birmingham.


Catherine Holland trained in 1991 to be a rebirther, and has practiced for 27 years. She has three children. She gave birth naturally with no need for medication, with two home births and thoroughly enjoyed the profoundness of the experience. They were not without incident, so she has some understanding of the difficulties faced by new parents. She breastfed long-term, and later trained to be a breastfeeding counsellor with the National Childbirth Trust. She is author of a number of books including Rebirthing Breathwork: The making of an independent adult and The Reality of Breastfeeding. All her titles are available on Amazon.

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