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Family Celebration Calligraphy:

for Quaker Marriage Certificates and Commitment Ceremonies, and gifts for births, naming ceremonies, weddings and anniversaries.


Quaker Marriage Certificates

For marriages, commitments and partnerships, with your vows, and signatures of all present – this is a lovely tradition of the Quakers.

Hand written and painted in permanent light- fast colours.

These are supplied unframed to enable everyone to sign. Use permanent light fast ink for this, such as permanent Indian Ink or Registrar's Ink (pen and ink supplied on nrequest).

You can have whatever personal decoration you choose. The flowers in this example are Rosebay Willowherb, English wild Bluebells and Kikyo (a Japanese flower) or Balloon flower. Enjoy choosing your own favourite motifs for border decoration. Sample certificate shown in progress.

The size of Commitment Ceremony Certificates depends upon the number of guests signing. Quaker Marriage Certificates are usually 57 x 76cm, 22.4 x 29.9 inches to include signatures for 80 guests.

NB Iillustrations are practice copies. Real certificates shown have the identifying features blanked out.

See sample certificate

See calligraphy works here


Price: standard £135, $170, €153 + P&P



  • You will supply the full text, names, place, date, time, number of signatures
  • Then you choose your favourite flowers, motifs for the border
  • Call (UK) O7742 4O492O or email me for outside the UK, and we can arrange to Skype. To discuss and order, I look forward to creating your individual work of art.
  • Payment details below.
BirthPlaque Flowerborder Anniversary

Unframed Plaque £30, $40, €35 + P&P

Approx size 24cm 9 inches

Floral Border Plaque £50, $65, €58 + P&P

All hand drawn including border decoration

Framed Plaque £70, $89, €80 + P&P

birth, engagement, wedding, anniversary


  • You supply the details, names, place, date, time, and for babies' births: the birthweight.
  • Then you choose the style of script, colours and decoration (see border samples below) that you prefer.
  • Decide if you want me to get your piece mounted or framed or you will do that yourself. Postage cost will depend on size and weight.
  • Call (UK) O7742 4O492O or email me for outside the UK, and we can arrange to Skype. To discuss and order, let's have a chat!

A beautiful record for every family celebration: Births, Naming Ceremonies, Engagements, Weddings, Partnerships and Commitment Ceremonies, Anniversaries, that can be framed. Text and decoration are in light fast inks, so it will not fade over time. A wonderful personal record to be treasured, and a delightful gift to give.

I record the details, and for Ceremonies write out the complete text and include space for all those present to sign, as on Quaker Marriage Certificates. These are therefore only ever supplied unframed. Wedding Guest Books can also be introduced with the couple's details in Registrar's ink, so they don't fade. Other stationery is possible, such as place names similar to the designs below, please ask.

Designs are supplied on watercolour paper such as 300gsm acid-free. The design will dictate the size. We can discuss what size you prefer. Prices above are supplied UNFRAMED or FRAMED, sent to you in either a reinforced envelope (up to A4) or a cardboard tube, up to A1. Allow time for framing. FRAMING incurs extra cost and extra postage costs. How would you like your piece delivered? Please discuss this with me.

Birth, Naming Ceremony, Baptism, Anniversary and Wedding plaques are usually approx 24cm or 9 inches square (but can be on A4 if you desire). Prices start at £30 for the design (script and border) on the far left above.

View designs

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Payment can be made via Paypal ( or bank transfer if ordered over the internet, or cash if collected in person.

Once we have discussed and agreed what you would like, and I have received payment, I will begin work. It is usual to pay half upon order and half upon satisfaction at completion.

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