Testimonials: My rebirthing Journey


I first encountered Catherine at a QED event where she was a guest speaker and shared her own personal 'near death' experience.  I was immediately impressed with her honesty, authenticity and amazing 'zest for life'.  She was definitely a good ambassador for her philosophies and lifestyle.


I have had seven sessions and each one was a very different experience for me – although the common thread was that I felt totally safe and supported.


My first session re visited some old childhood wounds. Catherine suggested that I focus on where my energy was and breathe into that.  Every area revealed a different memory. Tears were cried although I was lying down and totally relaxed at the time.


I began to realise that my childhood reactions to some events were very much affecting my adulthood and the here and now. Initially the process involved the realisation of this and the processes I had followed in the past.


Other sessions involved very deep breath work that left me revitalised, energised and almost cleansed.  


Occasionally I 'saw' different coloured lights and in one session felt 'revisited' by a baby son that had died during a premature delivery.


When I first started the sessions I had a general feeling of gloom and deep sadness that I just couldn't shake.  I had always experienced this but I recognised that the gloom periods were becoming longer than the 'normal' ones.  I also felt physically ill and had been tested for several conditions – that I did not have.


Catherine smiled when I explained that I had always tried to develop a more 'user friendly' version of myself.  I was always re evaluating and re designing my core personality.  Very tiring emotionally and physically.


So how do I feel now ?


My answer to that may sound a little odd.  But I don't feel, I just am. The general feeling of gloom has been replaced with a general feeling of good. The internal dialogue has gone. I don't have to coach myself not to care or not take any notice – life just carries on very nicely.


My father is terminally ill and the support that I have had from Catherine has been amazing. I have been able to make my peace with my Dad and more importantly  myself.


I would definitely recommend this process to anyone who may be considering it. 

Diane, Tamworth.

NB Diane is now practising confidently herself at home.

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