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July 19th 2016

You cannot hold tension on the out-breath

As we breathe out, our bodies relax. Especially if we breathe out fully and consciously. And in this way we can be more fully present to what’s happening right now, rather than focussing on what we may be concerned about, that might happen. To be able to prevent feeling and expressing things we don’t like or are afraid of we have to hold our breath. These are the muscles around our chests that control the flow on air in and out. We pull them tightly when we are trying not to cry, for example.

So how did we build tension up then? if we cannot hold it on the out breath and I’ve been breathing in and out for the whole of my life … ?

The key word here is fully. We may be breathing just enough to stay alive, but many people are aware of shallow breathing, of being short of breath, when they try to exercise for example. This shows that we are chronically breathing in a controlled way, that many of our chest muscles are staying tight, to prevent us from expressing how we feel.

Relearning to breathe fully is an amazing and sometimes challenging experience. That’s why it’s best done with an experienced supporter. We can then integrate the experiences that were too overwhelming for us at the time we felt them, and go on to lead a more feeling and appreciative life, letting go of the imagined fears that have held us back for so long.

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