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21st January 2016

How would you live your life differently if you knew you were going to live forever?

You may have heard the saying about living today as if it were your last and dreaming as though you would live forever?

I suspect the opposite may be wiser, that is to live today, feeding yourself well and staying fit, so that you would like to live forever, and dreaming as though you may die tomorrow, because there’s nothing wrong with dying, I know I’ve tried it. It’s all going to be OK, it can’t be any other way.

But my reason for writing this is because once, when I was first training to be a rebirther, I tried an experiment asking people if they’d like to live forever, and I was quite shocked at how negative people were about the future. No body said a resounding yes I’d love to! I’ve got this planned and that dream that I want to follow. I remember instead their hesitancy, their fears, their worry about the future, about ageing, about infirmity. But do you know none of this matters if you’ve lived your life every day without regret, pushed the boat out and seized every opportunity. My short experience of being away from my body after the accident where a car crushed my leg showed me that the only difference between this life and the afterlife is that we lose our senses. That’s it, we’re still us, we’re still aware, we still know what’s happening. BUT we can’t see, taste, hold another, feel and smell, hear and speak. So we’d better enjoy those senses, we’re here to have fun.

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