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30th November 2015

Would you like to know how to never get ill?

On Friday I rang the doctor’s surgery that I went to when I wanted a home birth for my son over 25 years ago. It’s such a long time since I was there that they don’t have me on their system any more.

This is perhaps the best demonstration that I have of how your life can change when you become and remain so well, that you don’t need to go to a doctor.

Rebirthing Breathwork I believe, is the biggest single thing that I have done that has influenced this so greatly. People understand now that they need to choose their food more carefully (which I have also done) and ensure that they drink enough water to stay hydrated, thus avoiding headaches and the temptation to use painkillers. (The messages are given to us for a reason, and a headache is usually a sign of dehydration. So what purpose does taking a painkiller have for our body’s welfare?) Breathing is less well comprehended, but if you think about the fact that we need to eat every fews hours, but we can actually manage for some weeks before we die without food, and the same is true for water, but the length of time is about 3 days, then this shows us the essential nature of breath to us, because we must breathe every few minutes or we die.

Breathing is so important because every cell’s health depends upon a continuous supply of oxygen, and perhaps more importantly a continuous removal of used gas, carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases that the body exhales: they are poisonous, so we must breathe them out effectively. If we don’t, we get chronic illnesses that develop gradually, insidiously, and we don’t understand where they have come from.

Breathing effectively is unusual in our culture due to the birth practices at the time a newborn is learning to breathe. Consciously connecting your breathing is a good way to recreate a healthy breathing pattern. I will come back to this in another article.

See more in my video of my talk at the ICC in Birmingham on Sunday 29/11/15:

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