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22nd November 2016

Why is it so important to drink enough water?

Blood is the transporting mechanism in the body. It has to travel down microscopically small capillaries to reach every cell. To do this it must be runny enough and forceful enough. Both of these qualities depend on you drinking enough water: the thickness of the blood is determined by how much water and salt you consume (and by the way enough real mineral salt is just as important), but the pressure of the blood depends on the volume being correct, and your body can only adjust this if it has enough water to do so. And how is this connected with breathing? Clearly getting the oxygen to the lungs is only the first part of a long journey. The quality of your blood determines how far it will get after that. And the return of the exhaust products of cell metabolism to the lungs to be breathed out again is so important. If your breathing is ineffective, those waste products remain in your body, contributing to chronic disease. People often ask me, does it have to be water, won’t other drinks do the same job? To illustrate this I ask you, would you wash your clothes in coffee or beer and expect them to be clean? If something is already being carried by the water, it loses its ability to dissolve other substances. Try it, see how you feel.

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