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23rd August 2016

Why do I stand on my head every day?

For many years I tried to work out a clever stretch where I could use gravity to stretch my hamstrings. I would use my couch in my clinic to test ideas out. And of course it became clear that inversion was the best method. When I was at home this was more difficult to do, and I realised that if I simply stood on my head that would do the trick. I realise that not everyone can stand on their head to try this, but the reason I am telling you is not to help you to stretch your hamstrings necessarily, but to be open to finding solutions to problems. I believe that there is a solution to every problem I face, and I choose to be open to a solution finding me. Remaining open is the best way to allow that to happen. My lesson recently has been about how to let go of the worrying “How can I make that happen” phase and be open to my inspiration guiding me.

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