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16th January 2016

Why is it that when I offer people a solution they don't want it?

I meet this all the time, there is a simple way to get well. A disease is just a name we have given to a group of symptoms: there is Crohn’s Disease, or high blood pressure, or asthma, you could have any number of the myriad diseases that have been given names. But the symptoms aren’t what’s wrong, what’s wrong is that the body is not receiving the materials that it needs to keep itself well. It’s the body’s job to be well, and it knows how to do it. The only time it becomes unwell is when we have failed to provide what it needs over a long period, of months, or years.

So to get back to my original point, when I offer a solution (providing what the body needs to stay well or right itself) why don’t people want it?

Why wouldn’t anyone want to get well and stay well? Only if it serves them. What would happen if we were well all the time and might last indefinitely? How could that be something someone didn’t want? Only if they are not enjoying themselves, nor able to ask for a rest, or need an excuse to dip out, bail out, go home, go to bed, and they aren’t able to say that’s what they need. Can you? Do you? Do I?

So our diseases serve us. And if we don’t want them, we must find another way to ask for what we want openly, to be true to ourselves with courage. Jason Vale shows beautifully what needs to change for us to be well.

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