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26th November 2015

Who's the bad guy?

Along with fat goes cholesterol, being seen as the cause of blood vessel damage when in fact it is an indicator of it: produced by the body as a response to blood vessel damage, it is released as a healing agent, a bit like a scab on the skin. Its presence shows that we have blood vessel damage, not that it has caused it. We don’t think that the scab has caused the skin damage do we?

I have heard the description from a heart surgeon who has seen this, that the effect of having white refined flour in the diet and its effect on the blood vessel walls, is like rubbing the skin with wire wool, they are raw and inflamed. Cholesterol is the body’s healing substance, similar to a scab on the skin, which covers the injury while it heals. This is why upon examination it has been seen and assumed to be adhering to and narrowing the blood vessel walls, whereas in fact it is allowing them to heal.

The more damage there is, the more cholesterol is produced. But condemning it as the problem is like trying to stop scabbing when we are rubbing the skin with a wire brush. Perhaps we should stop rubbing it? Perhaps we should stop eating substances posing as food? Find out what is helpful to our bodies and eat that instead.

I have noticed that the diet of someone who thinks little about what they eat seems to be quite uniform. Every meal has white refined flour in it, refined cereals, white bread, white pasta, white pastry. The person may think they are eating different things but in fact the ingredients are mainly white refined flour, processed fats and often refined sugar too.

It’s even got into the dictionary. “Are thought” being the operative words! Read the words before this, and then absorb the truth … important constituents of cell membranes. Perhaps the next part should read: and high levels indicate that there is a lot of blood vessel wall damage and the person needs to take stock and change their diet and lifestyle because their body is under unnecessary stress.

cholesterol |kəˈlɛstərɒl|

noun [ mass noun ]

a compound of the sterol type found in most body tissues. Cholesterol and its derivatives are important constituents of cell membranes and precursors of other steroid compounds, but high concentrations in the blood are thought to promote atherosclerosis.

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