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22nd October 2015

There's no such thing as an anti-cancer diet!


… or an anti-diabetes diet, or an anti-ageing diet, or an ‘anti’ anything diet, because they are all wellness diets, what we need to be well does not depend on what has gone wrong (though it can point to a particular deficiency). If we eat the things our body needs in a form it can use, then we won’t get ill. The clue is in the word dis-ease. The body is at ease when it can work properly, when it is in the state of self-regulation. Then it will keep everything in check the way it works best. We are in charge and we have to make suitable decisions. About exercise, eating real food, drinking water to clean our blood and cause the body to be able to maintain the correct composition in every cell, to maintain oxygen to every cell, and the interstitial spaces between cells where they obtain their nourishment from. Disease is a sign that we aren’t doing that, but before it develops there are clues, tiredness, anxiety, headaches. Hippocrates is quoted as saying let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food. Your body can only choose from the things you make available to it.

It is not the job of our conscious mind to govern the operation of our body at a cellular level. We do not need to understand it, it can do that for itself, that’s why we have the most exquisite autonomic systems in place so we do not need to think about its functioning, and we can get on with our lives because we can trust it to do its job.

Is what you are eating nutrient dense? Is what you are drinking cleansing for your body? If it isn’t STOP IT at once!

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