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8th March 2017

The Logic of the Heart

It is interesting to listen to the scientific community talking about needing more research to prove what to recommend for health. They also at the same time say that the general public doesn’t listen to scientific and research arguments, basing their decisions instead on their own and their friends’ empirical evidence, and what feels right to them. So whom is the research to convince? Other scientists? Medical professionals, decision and policy makers? Figures don't appeal to hearts, feelings appeal to hearts. Birth is not a medical event, birth is an event created by love and about love, labour is fuelled by the hormone of lovemaking, oxytocin, and it will not happen if oxytocin is not present. This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the mother, it means that there is something wrong with the environment she is in. This is why so many parents are now making the decision to select their care givers carefully and to give birth at home, or to hire a doula who will accompany them to provide continuity and represent them if they go into hospital. In the world of feelings, our heart is in charge.

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