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20th August 2015

Why did I write How to Stop Suffering Back Pain?

A Why did I write How to Stop Suffering Back Pain?

So many people suffer from back pain needlessly. The sore back needs more blood flow. Whatever you think is wrong with your back, whatever you’ve been told, more blood flow will help your back to heal. If your back aches you can make it pain-free again by following this guide. In my clinic I saw lots of people with painful backs, usually caused by overwork, or over-lifting. The treatment is always the same: increase blood flow. Our backs suffer from our generally sedentary lifestyle, because they have many areas of lowered blood flow because there are so many intricate joints close together. All it takes to keep them fit is movement. If you suffer an injury RUB IT. Over and over again.I wrote this guide to describe the problem and to provide solutions, and if you follow these instructions you will ensure a strong, pain-free back. I decided that if I presented my findings about what caused back pain, and how straightforward it is to manage our backs to keep them healthy – which I do myself every day – it would save a lot of suffering. I created this how-to guide to enable you to stay fit and flexible forever. I’d like you to be as unreasonable about it as I am, if it hurts, fix it.

B Who is it for?

How to Stop suffering Back Pain is written for those who have chronic niggling back pain. It is for active people who have no wish to reduce their activity level, and expect to maintain their fitness and flexibility and return to their chosen activities. It is a comprehensive guide for those who take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. You may have had an incident which has affected your back long-term, you may not know the exact cause, but the explanations in this guide will tell you what you need to do to recover full use and fitness, and how to maintain that into the future. It’s for those who do not have access to someone knowledgeable enough to repair their back. There are many practitioners who offer to help, but few in my experience understand or know how to increase the blood flow effectively to improve the long-term straight and flexibility of your back. Here you can take charge of this yourself, gradually improving the state of your own back, so that you feel lithe and happy again!

This guide is in PDF and costs 3.99. You can download the guide here.

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