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17th March 2017

Something Strange Happened

I saw a person who looked like someone I used to know. They were in a sorry state, and I was unsure whether they were indeed that person. As I cycled away I thought through, when did I last see them looking OK? How long ago was it? What had happened to each of us in between? And how am I doing? Pretty well it seems. 20 years have past, and that person is not at all well. Here I am feeling perky, riding my bicycle, flexible and supple, standing on my head. How did that happen? Well, it wasn’t by chance. I have carefully and consistently experimented and practised the things that I gathered would make me well. Even having my leg crushed by a car and losing had my blood in a few minutes, didn’t send me to my grave, as I decided to come back after a little while.

Breathwork training, eating high raw, drinking water, exercising regularly, focussing on my goals, working at things I love, avoiding toxins – both environmental and in the home – as much as possible, choosing alternatives for healing and staying well, aiming to replace every cell with one of equal quality.

My Facebook live talks about this in more detail. You can find it on my page Catherine Holland: Indestructible Soul, if you are reading this near the time of writing 17th March 2017.

Do contact me if you would like help in creating a healthy life, that makes you feel so well that you’d contemplate living forever!

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