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11th November 2015

Should I be vegetarian for my health?

Your body isn’t interested in whether you are 100% or not of any ism, (vegetarianism, veganism) it is operating the best way it can on the supply of nutrients that it is receiving. While it is true that vegetarians and vegans tend to be healthier, this may be because they take a greater interest in their health and probably eat more fruit and vegetables than the average person, not necessarily because of the things that they leave out.

I chuckled to myself when I stepped up the amount of raw food I was eating. All those years I had thought that being vegan was the furthest dietary change I could make, and yet, unbeknownst to me, there was a whole new world of food preparation available that I was soon to discover. The words ‘Raw food’ do not convey the rich variety of ways that food can be prepared without damaging its nutritional content by heating it beyond 45 degrees C or 117 degrees F: from smoothies to dehydrating, dressings to voluptuous desserts, included in this style of food preparation is every texture and flavour it’s possible to conjure. So why have I ventured into this territory? I noticed when I took my packed lunches to work that I was well when I made a large salad – as well as sleepy after eating my sandwiches. I attempted to increase the amount of raw food I ate after reading Leslie Kenton’s book Raw Energy. I got to about 50% and got stuck. I found it impossible to imagine how I could produce satisfying main meals and real desserts (I don’t count fruit salad as a pudding!) that I would entertain as proper meals. Years passed and I stumbled upon Karen Knowler’s website, and tried ‘Go Raw for a Day’. From there I experimented and was delighted to find that it was indeed possible to make delicious, filling meals throughout the day, and puddings that made me happy. So it is desirable for our bodies to have a ready supply of foods that have not been altered so that our bodies can use them. Opinions differ as to how much that should be. I survived a car crash with a big injury and made a remarkable recovery while my diet was 100% whole food and 50% raw. I drank only water. The other important factor was my breathing technique which kept oxygen flowing to my brain while my blood was leaking fast into the road. But this experience was the basis for my realisation of what our bodies need to function correctly and get well efficiently. That includes not being afflicted by common colds, infections doing the rounds, stomach upsets and the like; we still get them, but the symptoms are so slight that we don’t notice them; as well as serious, life-threatening, long-term chronic afflictions that modern medicine does not know how to treat. Our bodies are designed to operate at full health, it’s only our generally poor dietary habits that have caused this change—a monumental fall from health—to be so widespread that we believe that it’s normal.

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