Rebirthing is often described as having five elements:

I Circular Breathing II Awareness III Integration IV Relaxation V Whatever You Do is Right for You

I Circular Breathing

The Rebirthing breath is a relaxed, flowing breath where one breath joins the next without pause. It sometimes helps to visualise a circle or infinity symbol being outlined in your mind to keep the continuity. It gets easier with practice, and it is useful to have a Rebirther with you until you have learned to recognise your breathing pattern yourself. If you keep breathing, you cannot suppress emotion: that’s how we suppress - by controlling our breathing. The next principles then follow on as a matter of course if the connected breathing is continued.

II Awareness

While you are lying down and learning the breathing technique you will be asked to notice any bodily sensations (tingling, tightness, etc.) and thoughts that come to mind (memories, ideas, etc.) without judgement. Observing in this way while still breathing continually enables you to acknowledge all feelings old and new.

III Integration

You need to be willing to allow yourself to feel without judgement, to accept the present experience without comparing it with past experience, or worrying about what it may lead to in the future. Once your feelings are being acknowledged and perhaps expressed, maybe for the first time, you are then able to absorb them into your life experience.

IV Relaxation

Integration leads to relaxation as part of the process, an end product. At the beginning, the amount of Relaxation at your conscious command may be limited; it is part of being open to change - willing to allow yourself to feel, no longer to label your feelings as wrong thereby shutting them in with tension. There is often an enormous sense of relief and pleasure at this point, as if an enormous burden had been put down. You my feel more relaxed than you have ever felt, and very happy.

V Whatever You Do is Right for You

No two Rebirths are ever the same. I don’t know what issue a client will choose to deal with today (and neither do they) when they breathe; it is not important for us to know. I trust the process and the client’s Inner Self to know exactly what’s right for them, as much or as little as they are ready to work with at this point. It takes a certain amount of courage to delve into the unknown and I acknowledge everyone for that; remember, your Rebirther has been through all this and has, at times, felt similar.

Twenty Breaths Exercise

This is an exercise using the connected breath that you can practise at any time. It is good for relaxing before you go to sleep. Practising this exercise daily will begin to change your breathing. Try it now:

Four short breaths, one long breath. Repeat four times (twenty altogether).

Connect the inbreath and outbreath with no pauses between them at all.

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Video Rebirthing Breathwork Intro