Over the last few years so many people have suggested that I write a book that I have at last taken the hint and begun. I have learned so much and it seems that what I have learned is also useful to others. Much of this has been through bringing up my children (and from them) and from the realisation that we are all children inside forever... Now when I meet someone I can sense and see a complete person with a depth that was not apparent to me before. I have noticed that there is a method in the way to go about this and I would like to share it with you - so, here goes.

When I was a child I felt that there was a magical element to life which was actually an important part of the way that the Universe worked, but it was a secret because it was not discussed. I have read widely and observed people carefully as an adult and I know that what I felt as a child is true. The reawakening of that belief is exciting - it means that whoever chooses to can experience wonder, joy and understanding in their everyday life; even in a society which has carefully ignored the innate wisdom in everyone to know what is right for them and the ability to achieve it.

After studying Psychology for a year I realised that nobody is right, that all studies are subjective, and also that everyone knows what is true for them. I did not feel comfortable with any of the therapeutic methods I came across; they were superficial because they relied on intellectual argument and change to try to alter an emotional experience. Although someone will feel better temporarily from the attention being paid to them during the time spent in discussion of their circumstances it does not resolve anything, and sooner or later this lack of resolution will make the visits to their advisor seem pointless. So I carried on reading and I brought up a family - learning the best way to do this from them as I went (more of this later) with this interest at the back of my mind. Eventually I found an excellent method of emotional resolution because I really needed one: it is Conscious Connected Breathing, known as Rebirthing.

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