REBIRTHING BREATHWORK: Creating an Independent Adult

By Catherine Holland

Find out how to harness your breath to create the life of your dreams. "Rebirthing Breathwork" is a succinct English introduction to the benefits of connected breathing written by a master practitioner, who has used her breath practice to save her life in a road accident. Free yourself from the restrictions of your childhood, choose your life path now! Use these lessons in the treatment of your own children.

*It describes a rebirthing session*It explains what breathwork is used for *It reflects upon the effect of upbringing on attitudes in adult life *It suggests that knowledge understanding and acceptance bring a sense of peace *It inspires readers to challenge their limitations.

“At last the book we have been waiting for ... bursting with the personal energy, enthusiasm and integrity of its author ... this introduction to Rebirthing is practical and down to earth ...” reviewed in BREATHE magazine.

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