Rebirthing breathwork is a breathing technique that enables you to gain access to unconscious thoughts about yourself and life that make you tense and afraid, and can cause illness. You can then challenge old ideas and habits that are no longer relevant and so feel in control and have choices in your life.

Often apparently unrelated physical symptoms disappear during the process and breathing becomes freer and more relaxed. When we tense and worry our breathing becomes shallow; most of us breathe only half the time we are awake. Since 70% of the body’s waste products are expelled through breathing we feel much better when we improve our air flow.

The description (a nickname) 'rebirthing' is used for two reasons: because we see things in a different way and start afresh, and because it is common to remember birth during the process as a time of change and stress.

By breathing in a new way you can learn to live in the present, concentrating on what you are doing instead of what you could or should be doing, allow your body to heal by removing the cumulative effect of a lifetime’s tension and irregular breathing, recognise how experiences are created by expectation based on previous experience, create a more satisfying experience of life by using the breath in combination with affirmations, become aware of current breathing patterns when reacting habitually to over-stress providing an opportunity to correct them.

It takes about 10 sessions to learn to use the breathwork alone, each lasts about 2 hours.

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