A book containing information and ideas including awareness of cultural obstacles to breastfeeding and how to overcome them


Ideas and information for parents and supporters of breastfeeding written by a mother who has breastfed who is also an experienced breastfeeding counsellor, using the experience of hundreds of women providing the sort of assistance that will enable women to continue to breastfeed. This book covers things we think we ought to know and are horrified to find that we don’t ...

I have set out in this book to describe the way that breastfeeding works, what you can expect, what the normal variations are, an ideal scenario and some ways to fit nursing into a modern lifestyle. I have drawn on my own breastfeeding experience, that of my friends and those women I have spoken to in the course of counselling calls and visits. I have covered some of the issues that are often missed in the course of preparation for parenthood, mostly because they are things that we might learn from watching other family members raise their children. We think that these things are instinctive but they are not, we miss the opportunity to learn them because we tend to have smaller families, live far away from our extended families and because public breastfeeding is rare here in Britain.

I particularly wish to concentrate on the feelings of parents, their emotional experience: the least prepared area of all.

Indispensible to new parents and health professionals for practical tips.


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I read your book whilst breastfeeding my daughter, it became my bible and I carried it everywhere with me . Every doubt or hurdle I would turn to your book. I successfully breastfed my daughter well past 12 months. I wish more people knew of your book, it would keep many people breastfeeding for longer!!! 

Helen, Birmingham.




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