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16th December 2016

Men's fear of childbirth – can that be a thing?


Fear of birth, fear of death, fear of transition and the unknown. It’s all understandable, and also surmountable. Do you find yourself focussing in an unhealthy way on birth, if you are pregnant, wanting to be pregnant and especially if you are a dad-to-be? So much focus is on the woman, and yet men have just as much emotional input into birth and experience of being born as women do. This is something we need to open out for consideration when we are healing our experience of birth in particular. And I tend to think that our fear of transition including death, may actually be more about our fear of birth than death itself. What do you think? Using a body wisdom experience such as rebirthing breathwork you can integrate your early experience, including birth and possibly find then that this fear of death moves on too. Do connect with me if you’d like to talk about how this impacts in your life and the changes you’d like to experience.

#transitions #menandbirth #birth #rebirthing #breathwork

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