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8th September 2015

Just by Breathing?

I posted a comment on this birth-related post last week, and someone asked me what I did. Jane Jennings posted this:

When a baby is conceived and birthed, they come into the history of a culture, into the lineage patterns of their family and the emotions of their parents. Wow that's a big experience for our little ones. What was it like for you?

Loving my study this weekend into baby body language with Matthew Appleton and how it can assist our babies and children to release early conception to birth experiences

Even the tiny baby in you still feels this now xxx


This was my comment on Jane’s post:

This often comes up in breathwork sessions, fascinating what we absorb.

Someone then asked:

Jane and Catherine, what you do sounds both amazing and gobbledegook, can you pm me with more details so I can understand better?

I sent her a friend request so I could answer her.


Thanks for getting in touch and it sounds very interesting. Is it a type of hypnosis as never heard of it before?

I will have a look though xx

Catherine Holland

No, it is just using your breath to breathe fully and unlearning all of the holding patterns that reduce our full health and presence to our feelings.

Simple but sometimes hard work to get through, a bit like birth!


Oh right, I'm not sure I understand how it can work, just by breathing?

Catherine Holland

Because our breathing has been altered by the challenging experiences at our birth, so instead of breathing fully and continuously we hold the muscles in our chest through fear and stress, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen we breathe in and also the amount of CO2 and toxins that we breathe out. Over time as you can imagine this creates all sorts of health issues, and when corrected they all disappear! It's magic. (70% of the body's toxins go out in the breath, 50% of Westerners only breath half the time.)


Fascinating �

So using all your lungs to breath instead of say 30%!

Catherine Holland

I'm convinced it saved my life, after 15 years of breathing fully, I was struck by a car and lost half my blood in a few minutes. Apparently losing more than 15% is fatal. I didn't die.

Catherine Holland

Yes that's right, and so along with all the other lifestyle choices that are coming to light now food exercise etc) people's health is compromised by not having enough o2 available. All the chronic diseases are caused by this one way or another.


Wow, there was another plan for your life xx

Catherine Holland

Yes, indeed I’m doing my best to use it well.


That's great xx

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