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4th July 2017

Is labour like a marathon?

I was thinking about Alexia Leachman’s analogy of labour being like a marathon and how it’s a good idea to plan. Then I thought how many marathon runners focus on the pain they are likely to feel at some point in their race? What would be the point of that? What do they focus on? Finishing, being fit, being ready, mindset. I haven’t run a marathon but I’ve had labours and babies and I cycle a lot, including with 3 children on a tandem! So I know about hard work, keeping going (especially uphill), I know about satisfaction. I know about the joy of accomplishment. Is there pain? Yes of course sometimes. Would that stop me doing it again? Not likely, it is all fabulous experience that I am happy to repeat. What would happen if you had an epidural while running to dull the pain? You wouldn’t be able to run. Nuff said.

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