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In the moment that we arrive

As a newborn baby we were a feeling sensing being, tuned to senses other than sight to begin with. It is difficult for us to understand this as we rely so heavily on this sense as adults. But when first born, even when we open our eyes, we are not accustomed to translating the light we perceive and create recognisable images from it, so it makes sense that we rely much more on the senses we have a ready been able to practise in the womb, feeling, sound, touch, smell and taste. That’s how we recognise our mother and family to begin with.

So when we take our first breaths, this is done in an environment of the feeling senses, is it safe here? who is here for me? what is the outside world like? If you imagine the scene at many modern births the answers are sometimes no, nobody and pretty awful. And that’s the time we breathe in and set the tone for adapting to this world outside. The people in the room are often afraid, they are often strangers (the baby knows its family well at this point), their mother is often scared, in pain, overwhelmed or drugged. Breathing for the first time and setting the muscle regulation for taking breaths in and out is stunted, stifled, tense. And that’s how we breathe for the rest of our lives … unless, we revisit it in a different way: Reprocess what happened, recall with support, integrate and set free those fears and tensions we felt as we first came in. Rebirthing breathwork gives us this tool, this opportunity to return, retune, relive those feelings and reconnect to the powerful being we are.

As adults the effect that mismanaging this process has on us is in our impression of our value to the world, our confidence and self esteem, our relationships with others, feeling distant and that relationships are unfulfilling, not being able to ask for what we want, even knowing what we want, dissatisfaction with life and work, illness, a constant yearning for something.

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23rd September 2016

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