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22nd May 2017

Being taught to ignore our instincts is the thin end of the wedge

It’s come to a sorry pass when we don’t trust out bodies to give birth and make milk. How did that happen? I was thinking next they’ll be convincing us we can’t conceive and how absurd that would be … do you expect your body to keep making blood until it bursts, or do you imagine it knows how much it’s got and how much there should be, and to keep it topped up to just the right level? The parts of the brain that keep a check on these levels are not conscious, they aren’t designed to be conscious and there is no need for them to be so. All animals can keep their bodies functioning very nicely, there is no need for an analytical brain to do any of this. In fact it seems the analytical part is the bit that puts a spanner in the works. When we think that we can do it better with our logical mind, when we only understand a tiny fraction of what creates the perfect choreographed birth, for example.

Conception is another greatly misunderstood area. We think we know how it works, an egg gets ready and the winning sperm fertilises it. And yet it may not be like that at all. The more I read the more I see that our observations are based on what we expect to see, and in reality this may not be how the system works at all. Nature is a cooperative system, not a competitive one, not in the way we imagine anyway. Let’s stand back and allow the body to do what it does best without our interference, and this includes birth and breastfeeding.

After writing this, I just realised women were convinced that sex was horrid. Generations of “Christian” teaching (and other cultures too) that women should either convince themselves sex was horrible, or actually be afraid of it so they didn’t enjoy it. Sound familiar? They convinced us that birth was horrid, when it can be as wonderful as sex can be.

We can only become this ignorant by suppressing our instincts, because they show us what to do without any need for intellect. I remember being taught that it was rude to stretch at the dinner table. How damaging that was, because from then on I had suppressed my instinctual signals to stretch my muscles to keep them healthy. And years later I realised that I should be stretching to stay healthy. We are taught to disobey and ignore valuable signals from our bodies by well-meaning but ignorant adults, that want us to fit into society.

#instincts #birth #trust

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