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16th January 2017

Homeostasis: how the world controls itself


A funny word, all greek and confusing. Directly translated it means ‘the same standing’, we might say the same levels. And this is the description of the way that life has regulatory mechanisms for keeping itself going. Most often it is used to describe the body’s regulatory systems for functioning. There are masses of them: from balancing the water and salt levels in your blood, to making sure that the correct hormones in the right amounts are circulating to ensure the growth and changes necessary. All this requires measurement and the assessment and supply of the raw materials to fulfil the correction. There are also many failsafe methods to ensure that the body can still function, even in extremis. We are extremely adaptable creatures. This applies to the whole of the animal and plant kingdom, and I believe to the Earth and Solar System and galaxies around us. There is a governor that makes sure that the Earth spins in correct proximity to the sun, the moon and the other planets too. So in the microcosm and the macrocosm, things are regulated for life to be able to continue.

It is important to realise then, that symptoms of disease are just that, a telltale sign that your body is trying to correct itself, but that you aren’t supplying the raw materials for it to do so. If you have any health issues at all, pay attention. This is the message to you to correct your lifestyle NOT to suppress those symptoms. There is plenty of information available to assist you in discovering the nutritional changes necessary to correct every disease. If you need directing to this information, please ask me. I am sad that our culture has degraded to the stage where it has no notion that symptoms are not the disease itself, but the body’s signal to us that all is not well. If we suppress those symptoms we just get a more serious, insidious, chronic, disease and malnutrition, until we have a cluster of recognisable and definable symptoms that gets a name. This is not helpful. This is damaging to our happiness and survival, both of which depend upon our health. So I believe that it’s time to experiment, as I always do on myself before I suggest something to someone else! And change this downward spiral we have got into.

PS And I can vouch for my health, as I have not been ill for at least 30 years.

#homeostasis #bodywisdom

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