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1st December 2016

How do we create peace on Earth?

How do we create peace on Earth?

There are people who believe that sometimes a war is a good thing, a chance to cleanse, to purge,

This feeling comes about when we have unfinished issues within us and we project them onto the outer world, believing that that’s where the conflicts lie.

I believe it was Churchill who said you either talk before bloodshed or after it, the resolution is only found through negotiation. We all need to be heard. Listening prevents external conflict. It also heals internal conflict, and we need to be ready to hear that, to speak our fears, resentments, grudges, disappointments, jealousy, unfinished business, need for healing, inability to find clarity due to things we haven’t admitted to ourselves, or even observed as coming from within.

There is no need for other people to die for us to create internal peace.

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