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25th November 2015

How could we get it so wrong?

And more to the point, how can we still be churning out articles recounting the same flawed information just because it has become popularised, when the research is now showing (what many of us knew all along) how important it is for us to change our minds over this. Fat is essential to nerve health, and avoiding it may have been one of the chief causes of brain degeneration in recent years. It is also essential to healthy skin, and other important functions in the body. It’s time to acknowledge we were misled. It sounded plausible so we took it on, but it is in fact refined sugar and flour that cause the big health problems that the ‘avoid fat’ brigade were trying to prevent.

OK so eating fat causes us to get fat may have looked logical, and the fat that is good for us has not been processed or heated to high temperatures (over 40oC), that includes all food oils (except cold pressed ones). Superheating seeds to remove the oil is the most common way to produce it, this is no longer a food but a toxin. Vegetable sources of fat, for example avocado and olive, but also animal fats, especially those from organic, outside pasture-fed animals are truly nourishing for humans.

Your tastebuds are not deceiving you!

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