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29th November 2016

How can we know what's right for us?

Feelings are our guide

All the practices in the world teach us some singular truths. We are Divine, we are connected and we are creating our experience by the lives we lead. My take on this is loosely condensed into: knowing what is right for me by feeling it.

I had no idea how important feelings were. I did not realise that they were a useful tool. I sort of considered that they were an encumbrance, something to be ashamed of and to hide as best as possible.

It turns out that I (and possibly you) have been ill-informed. The feelings were our ally all along. They tell us when to go closer to something and when to move away. They are a barometer of our surroundings and a leading light showing us the way.

What a wonderful thing to now know. It is useful, helpful, comforting, practical. I am appreciating this new idea that has been here along right under my nose without me appreciating it. And I am practising, listening to those feelings that can give me the best advice ever.


#feelings #innerguidance #trustouremotions #breathwork #rebirthing

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