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8th June 2016

How can I have it all?

How much time do you spend on worrying about stuff? What does that energy feel like? How would you like to spend your time and energy instead wondering about your dreams, priorities, peaceful life and being really present right here right now appreciating who you are? You are a Soul having a physical experience, and that can be utterly joyful. Knowing that you are ultimately the Soul, and your body is a fabulous machine that is yours to own for the whole of this physical lifetime, can be freeing, liberating, uplifting and exciting. It can help you to know that it’s a really good idea to learn how to take care of it, so you can enjoy it more. It also sets you free because if you make a hash of it, you can let it go and start again.

In between all of this, you can see how much time and energy you spend on earning money to buy things that help you to feel better about the job you have to do to earn the money to buy things that help you get through experience you don’t like, to recover from a week of work you don’t find fulfilling and set you up for the next week to do it all again. This may include all the alcohol, all the holidays, all the sweets and chocolate to cheer you up, all the distractions of TV, and the expensive convenience foods.

How about if you took a step back and looked at what of this you really want? We only really want the money to buy things that we believe will make us feel better anyway. We can choose, we can select the bits we like and let the rest go. We might be able to cut out all the middle part, and go straight from our physical needs to our bliss, how about that? It takes some doing, it may not be easy, or popular, but when we are living the way that feels right to us, we have freedom.

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