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16th March 2016

How can you change your past?

The discussion about birth is almost as reluctant as a discussion about death, or maybe more so (there are jokes about death & taxes), as it remains with us influencing us into our lifetime. One only has to watch a thread on Facebook, as there was today, about a woman breastfeeding a 4-year-old to be made aware of how much buried, hidden, unfinished emotional business remains following this time in our lives. Note that only in countries where breastfeeding is NOT the norm, do any discussions of this nature arise. In most countries it’s a non-topic, as ordinary as getting dressed in the morning. Not newsworthy, not even noticed.

I asked a business advisor, whom I had met once before, point blank on Thursday “Do you remember your birth?”. His expression said it all. Of course not, does anyone? He didn’t utter a word, he didn’t need to. It was a preposterous idea – and everybody would agree with him. I asked him this, to illustrate the impasse that appears when we start asking questions in areas that are so taken for granted, that we usually daren’t trespass in there. It worked, he understood what I was trying to say: That what we take for granted may not be so.

I remember my birth, after doing Conscious Connected Breathing for some months, it came up spontaneously when I was practising on my own. It was extraordinary and wonderful and I have never been the same. The reconnections that we make in our brains that have been separated off all our lives since that moment that was too much for us, liberate huge amounts of energy, and make us less tense to be around for others. This is why we practise connecting our breath and use this experience to assist us in being more present and emotionally available to our clients. The journey is for us, the by-product is that it benefits those in our care.

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