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13th Septmeber 2016

How can I be myself?

How to be yourself

Are you longing to be yourself, yet find you are constrained, constraining yourself, even, because of what you believe others will think of you? The way out of this is to learn to listen directly to your soul. This is how the Divine connects with us, through our feelings of what is right and not right, but only for you. No one else has access to our feeling only we do, so we are in charge of acting, or not acting, on this information that we receive. The challenge is learning to express this in a world that believes otherwise. Once you’ve got it though, the soul connection brings its own courage with it, and we are set free to be ourselves. Your breath is the connecting mechanism, between your physical body and your soul. See how consciously connecting your breath makes this clear in an Inspiration Call with me #rebirthing #breathwork #indestructiblesoul

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