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February 18th 2017

Food is not just fuel

Food isn’t just fuel for humans, it’s building blocks, you are rebuilding the fabric of your body every time you eat a meal. And depending on whether that material is high quality or not will depend upon the body you can expect to maintain in years to come. Think about it, how nutritious is the food you are eating, will it make strong bones, flexible muscles, tough tendons and ligaments? Will it make a fast acting brain and nerve connections? If you aren’t drinking water, eating fresh food every day, green leaves and plenty of vitamins C and E. Are you feel energetic and vibrant every day, as much as you used to? If not, then do something about it. It isn’t difficult and it doesn’t take long to notice a difference. See my Kindle titles if you want some pointers about how to approach changing your lifestyle for more energy, vitality and enthusiasm I have three raw food titles, Raw Main Meals, 5 ways Raw, and here is my title on Raw Desserts: #energy #youthful #vitality #vibrance #bounce #flexibility

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