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23rd February 2017

Don't give yourself a hard time

I was doing some research and I listed all the factors that cause stress in the newborn:

Cord cut soon after birth, before it has stopped pulsating and before baby is breathing fully

Loss of up to third of baby’s blood (in the placenta when the cord is cut)

Taken away, ‘cleaned up’ (protective vernix removed)

No skin-to-skin contact with mother directly after birth

Kept separate day & night

Not fed on demand, scheduled and timed feeding

Hungry a lot

Not held enough, missing arms and security of being held, warmth

then I realised that all 8 of the factors had happened to me. The fact that I feared living alone, always took warm clothes and something to eat with me, and felt uncertain that life was kind and safe, all suddenly made sense, and I feel a lot more compassionate towards myself as a result. It’s only to be expected that taking away all of the safety mechanisms biology has provided for a helpless human infant, to feel secure at a time of immense change, will make them feel insecure and uncertain. Rebirthing has been my main way of rebuilding my confidence in life. I love it because it is multifaceted, mending spirit, mind and body all at once, and non-verbal, so it quickly works on the unconscious. How many of these things happened to you?

#birth #baby #naturalbirth #microbiome #skintoskin #rebirthingbreathwork

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