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Did you put the wrong fuel in?

Perhaps you see me as someone interested in food (I am) or healthy living, exercise and creating my beliefs (I am), but the greatest contribution to my health I believe is my breath awareness, and practice of connecting it through all circumstances. I believe that this is why I haven’t been ill for as long as I can remember (at least 30 years) and why I am still alive after being driven into. It occurred to me a few weeks ago while walking in the summer sunshine in Solihull town centre, that I am the wealthiest woman in the world, because I know what makes me well. I know how to be well, I know why I’m well, I can control the element that most people seem to think is random or at least external. It isn’t: a healthy body is not a random thing, it is an exquisitely balanced, finely tuned, extraordinary organism that can adapt and adjust to life if you take care of it (and know how to).

I see those vans driving past me when I’m on my bicycle, the rescue vans for when you’ve put the wrong fuel in your vehicle. One had a really obvious catchy name that I’ve forgotten ;-) but it’s clear, if you put the wrong fuel in a motor, it will stop and perhaps break. If you fail to fill the radiator with water it will overheat. If you put beer, tea, or orange juice in the radiator it wouldn’t work as well, and you wouldn’t expect it to. Just because we have been habituated to using the wrong fuel for our bodies doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter, it just means that the whole nation or race gets ill, and that’s what’s happened.

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7th October 2016

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