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10th November 2015

Creating my book Indestructible Soul: how I decided not to die

Today I am resting. It’s been a long slog getting my book out in print.

I am so pleased with it though, and the finished product is beautiful. The cover is gorgeous, bright and inviting, the photo is adventurous, showing our bike ride to Poland, me on my Ducati 916 and Gary on his new R1, stopping on top of the world in the Tantra Mountains, when we crossed from the Slovakia, where we spent time in Turčianske Teplice and Martin, into Poland near Zakopane and then on into Kraków. The inside pages are beautifully laid out, with space and a large central gutter so you can see the text without having to prise the book apart. The text is clear and only covers part of the page. I am very pleased with Amazon’s new (to me) CreateSpace publishing system, they efficiently produced a digital and paper proof so that I could view it and hold it.

So after all this I got on with promoting it, I hope you didn’t feel too bombarded if you follow me on Facebook. I expect you are now familiar with the cover picture!

So the launch was yesterday, and now the work begins, to approach libraries and obtain as many opportunities to speak about it and my work as possible. I would like to let everyone know that their health is in their hands, and that only we can affect our health and happiness by taking responsibility for making sure that oxygen reaches every cell of our bodies consistently so we never need to be miserable and ill, we can maintain a joyful and energetic life doing what we please.

To start with I prepared a PDF and Kindle version, this took less time than the print version.

I am very grateful to my friends who made editorial and proofreading changes at this stage, pointing out some serious omissions that altered the story a lot: people really are interested in what happened when I died for a short while. And facing my feelings and memories again while writing it was quite challenging for me at times.

I want the book to be a pleasure to actually read, and my experience lately has been that as people are able to self-publish, their inexperience really shows. I noticed this with my production before. For example being anxious about the print cost makes us cram more text onto the page, and using a smaller font size to do this, making it much more difficult to read. So I shall be sending off another of my titles (The Reality of Breastfeeding, for those of you who asked for it to be in print again!) to be reprinted after I have redesigned the layout.

It was only while assisting my friend at her stand at a local festival that I properly appreciated how people love a real paper book that they can hold in their hand. So I went off and ordered a box of copies of my own book to sell to people I actually meet. Prior to this I had believed that online print on demand was the best and only way to operate, because before online ordering I had boxes and boxes of books in my garage and they got damp. So now we have an in between solution: I can order enough copies at a time to sell to those I meet in person, everyone else can order online so I don’t have to store thousands of copies. I’m happy with that.

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