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6th October 2016

Celebrating being an Indie author

I love this process of writing from my inspiration, following my heart, intuition and muse. I can create a title on a thought-stream, write it in 40 minutes and have it published on Kindle in 10 minutes flat. Isn’t that fantastic?

Alternatively I can write a deep, philosophical book from my experience of nearly 3 decades of rebirthing breathwork, and my near death experience, and my years of breastfeeding counselling, and share each of those titles with the wider world without anyone else deciding if it’s something that the public will want and need. I can publish those to Createspace myself, it takes longer, but the process is as independent, satisfying and frustration-free as Kindle, and I love being able to to do this. I receive an income every month from my titles selling in this way. It’s a dream come true, part of becoming financially independent as well. What could be better?

#PoweredByIndie #IndestructibleSoul

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